Tom Doughty, Client Services

Online Dispatcher/Telecommunicator Training

PLS produces high-impact, monthly, continuing education training for dispatchers in the United States and Canada. The goal of this online training is to strengthen the dispatcher’s professional skills by reinforcing classroom training and supplementing agency-specific practices. While each Target Call selected for presentation and analysis provides unique learning opportunities, particular attention is given to the visual thinking, professionalism and customer service aspects of the Target Call. Each monthly lesson generates one hour/credit of continuing education

State-Specific Legal Update Lessons for Police

Our PLS lesson production teams provide law enforcement agencies in selected states with monthly, state-specific, legal update lessons. We also produce independent, "Interpersonal Skills" lessons to satisfy specific CALEA training requirements. Each monthly lesson generates one hour/credit of continuing education.

Nationally Certified Training

The St. Louis County & Municipal Police Academy in Wellston, Missouri, a CALEA-certified training entity, sponsors the Police Legal Sciences, Inc. training lessons at the national level.

Agency-Specific Training

The PLS delivery system is available for use by public safety agencies or training institutions who have a need to implement specific training policies, regulations, or directives and to ensure comprehension and accountability.

Free Trials Available

Use the “Contact Us” link on the left or call 877-653-5366 to obtain a password and login so that you or any/all of your staff can examine our two most recent month’s lessons at no cost.