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Our History:  Police Legal Sciences, Inc. (PLS) was founded in 1999 by attorney Gerald N. Partridge. Mr. Partridge has had close ties to the law enforcement community for over 35 years as a prosecuting attorney, author, and lecturer. He believes deeply that the public trust is best served by law enforcement personnel who are properly trained, professional, and conversant with the law. Seeing a need to provide cost-effective, comprehensive training, he started PLS and began providing state-specific legal update training to law enforcement officers in Missouri and Iowa. This training is sponsored by the St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy (CMPA) and is POST certified in the State of Missouri.

In 2008, PLS began producing online dispatcher training, offering annual subscriptions to its monthly, online lessons. Now, dispatchers at PSAPs in 39 states and Canada take these lessons each month. The sizes of subscribing PSAPs range from three to hundreds and include sheriff’s offices, city PDs, county and consolidated PSAPs, state patrols, park rangers, airport dispatchers, campus police departments, privatized PSAPs, Native American reservations, and federal agencies (military bases, NASA, etc.).

In 2020, PLS developed reality-based, online training specifically designed for jail officials (correctional officers, jail supervisors, sheriffs, and medical and mental health staff).

Our Mission:  Our mission is to help public safety professionals make good decisions.

Our Team: PLS uses a production team for each of the three types of lessons PLS creates:  law enforcement, dispatcher, and correctional officer. The law enforcement and correctional officer teams include lawyers with more than a century of law enforcement experience, career law enforcement officers, jail supervisors, and academy-level instructors. The dispatcher team includes dispatchers from across the U.S. (and one in Canada) with experience as line dispatchers, supervisors, and academy-level trainers.  

The PLS Difference:  PLS's reality-based training uses actual court cases and 9-1-1 emergency calls as the foundation for training. Our training improves confident decision-making skills by ensuring police, dispatchers, and jail officials: are conversant with relevant laws; appreciate the legal and financial consequences of their decisions; and understand best practices.