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Missouri 2019-2020 Lesson Summaries

2019 Lesson 5: Implicit Bias/Bias-Based Policing/Racial Profiling


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This online interpersonal perspectives course is designed to promote: fair, impartial, and unbiased policing practices; recognition of implicit bias; understanding and respect for racial and cultural differences; and the use of effective, non-combative methods for carrying out law enforcement duties in a racially and culturally diverse environment.  

The lesson addresses: how to recognize implicit bias; how culture, developmental history, and experience can lead to the emergence of implicit bias; how implicit (e.g., unconscious) bias has the potential to produce biased or unfair decisions and behavior; studies demonstrating the effects of implicit bias; and methods to reduce implicit bias.  

This lesson further explores how understanding the history of policing can assist officers in relationship-building with the African-American community and additional tips for trust-building with communities of color. The lesson includes suggestions for effective, non-combative, and respectful engagement with diverse cultures and communities including: African American communities; immigrant communities; the Latino community; Asian-American communities; Arab, Muslim, Middle Eastern, and South Asian communities; and refugee groups.

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