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Missouri 2019-2020 Lesson Summaries

2020 Lesson 13: Legislative & Caselaw Update


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This is an online legal studies course. The lesson addresses revisions to the Missouri Revised Statutes enacted during the 2020 legislative session. Section one examines amendments to the Missouri Revised Statutes regarding dangerous felonies, including a new vehicle hijacking statute and amendments regarding criminal street gangs, conspiracy, unlawful possession of a firearm, and armed criminal action.

Section two examines amendments to the Missouri Revised Statutes regarding sexual assault victims, including a new “Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights” and the “Justice for Survivors Act.”

Section three examines amendments regarding changes to Missouri’s controlled substances law, including altering restrictions on purchases of ephedrine, amending the drug schedules to match federal regulations, prohibiting the delivery of certain substances, and making changes to marijuana regulations.

Section four examines amendments regarding child and elder abuse, including amendments regarding information sharing between the Children’s Division and law enforcement agencies, electronic monitoring, and elder financial exploitation. 

Section five examines several changes regarding traffic and motor vehicle laws, including changes regarding: the motorcycle helmet law; the amount of time transferred license plates and temporary tags may be used; digital driver’s licenses; trailer length and mud flaps; and drones over certain facilities. 

Section six examines amendments to the Missouri Revised Statutes regarding service animals and notaries.

Section seven is a caselaw update providing guidance to officers regarding when they may perform a warrantless search of a vehicle incident to the arrest of an occupant of that vehicle and when they may search the person of a suspect or the area within the control of the suspect incident to the arrest of that suspect. 

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