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PLS Dispatch Pro

2021 Lesson 11: Gunshot to the Face and Brother Murdered his Sister

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This one-hour training helps prepare dispatchers to handle 9-1-1 calls involving a gunshot to the face and a brother who has murdered his sister. In the first section, a father reports that his daughter has been shot in the face. This section addresses: 

- Gathering information from distressed callers. 

- Best practice for beginning the interview. 

- Scene, caller, and law enforcement safety.

- Recognizing “red flags” during an interview and relaying them to law enforcement. 

- Crime scene integrity. 

- Problems that occur when talking to others during the interview. 

In the second section, a caller reports discovering her sister’s beaten body and her belief that her brother is the perpetrator. This section addresses: 

- Caller safety. 

- Obtaining vehicle descriptions. 

- Establishing a timeline. 

- Problems with verbally calling out vital information in a communications center.  

- Employing calming techniques. 

- Crime scene preservation. 

- Interrupting callers. 

- Dispatcher empathy and compassion. 

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