Iowa Legal Update FAQs

What are the Iowa law enforcement officer in-service training requirements?

The in-service training requirements for Iowa law enforcement officers are found at Iowa Administrative Code section 501-8.1. Requirements include: - Annual firearms training. - CPR training. - General training: 12 hours of law-enforcement related in-service training as determined by the employing agency administrator. - Mental health training: must be approved by ILEA. Four hours in first year. ​After that, 1 hour per year or 4 hours every 4 years. - Mandatory reporter training. PLS training can be used to help satisfy the 12-hours of general training and the annual mental health training requirements.

Can my agency use PLS Legal Update training to satisfy Iowa's law enforcement officer in-service training requirements?

Yes. Many agencies use PLS online training to satisfy ILEA's in-service training requirements found at 501 Iowa Administrative Code section 8.1.

Do you provide ILEA-approved mental health training?

Yes. To help law enforcement agencies satisfy the requirement under Iowa Administrative Code section 501-8.1, PLS provides one hour of ILEA-approved mental health training each year.

Do PLS online lessons satisfy any CALEA training requirements?

Yes. To assist agencies with CALEA training requirements, PLS periodically provides the following lessons: - Racial Profiling/Bias-Based Policing. - Ethics. - Arrest and Detention of Foreign Nationals. - Sexual Harassment. - Mental Illness.

How many lessons does PLS offer each year?

PLS offers a 12-hour package in Iowa each year.

How long are the lessons?

Each online lesson is designed to take one hour to complete.

What are the advantages of PLS online training for police?

PLS online law enforcement training has distinct advantages over classroom training. Online training: a) costs less; b) is more convenient; c) engages lesson takers in a way that lecture formats often miss; d) promotes better retention of information; e) puts the entire department “on the same page”; f) allows a lesson taker to retake a lesson; and g) is easy to administer.

What if I get called away from a lesson?

Officers may quickly and easily bookmark a lesson page if called away. In addition, the lesson will automatically bookmark the page after 10 minutes of inactivity. When the officer returns to the lesson, he/she simply logs back in and is returned to the bookmarked page.