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Iowa Legal Update

2022 Lesson 6: Caselaw Update


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This is an online Iowa legal update course for law enforcement officers. The lesson addresses recent court decisions providing guidance to Iowa police regarding the following questions:

  • When does a drug dog’s alert on a car provide probable cause to search a vehicle’s passenger?

  • During a traffic stop, when can an officer search the passengers’ belongings?

  • May police lawfully obtain evidence after a warrantless entry into an apartment when the defendant commits a new crime, i.e., resisting arrest, during the encounter?

  • What facts permit an officer to invoke informed consent and arrest a person for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated when no eyewitness has seen the person driving?

  • How can a general description of a getaway vehicle and the vehicle’s temporal (relating to time) and geographic proximity to a crime scene factor into whether an officer has reasonable suspicion to make a Terry stop?

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