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Iowa Legal Update Lesson Summaries

2019 Lesson 09: Domestic Violence Investigations - Part 1


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This is an online domestic violence investigations lesson. 

Section 1 addresses the dynamics of domestic violence, including domestic violence prevalence, signs of domestic violence in both opposite-sex and same-sex relationships, harms caused by domestic violence, why people batter, why victims are reluctant to end abusive relationships, and risk factors contributing to domestic violence. 

Section 2 defines trauma, explores the concept of “trauma-informed” policing, explains types of trauma, examines how the trauma inflicted by domestic violence differs from other types of traumatic experiences, identifies how a person might respond to trauma, and how trauma might impact a victim’s ability to describe her/his experiences to police. 

Section 3 addresses working with the LGBTQ community by defining important terms, identifying special barriers to seeking help faced by members of the LGBTQ community, and explaining how police can build trust with that community. 

Section 4 addresses victim concerns about calling police for help with domestic violence, including the fear that calling police might make things worse for the victim or offender and that police will not believe victims. Section 4 also addresses what police can do to help victims.

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