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Iowa Legal Update Lesson Summaries

2020 Lesson 13: Implicit Bias & Procedural Justice


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This lesson is designed to help satisfy the annual bias prevention training requirement under Iowa Code section 80B.11G.

The lesson addresses: how to recognize implicit bias; how culture, developmental history, and experience can lead to the emergence of implicit bias; how implicit (e.g., unconscious) bias has the potential to produce biased or unfair decisions and behavior; studies demonstrating the effects of implicit bias; implicit bias in the law enforcement context; and methods to reduce implicit bias.

The lesson further addresses differences in how the public and police define racial profiling and evaluate police conduct. It explains how police can use procedural justice as an effective, noncombative method to improve law enforcement/community relations in a racially and culturally diverse environment and reduce the likelihood that the public will perceive police as biased or engaged in racial profiling.

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