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Iowa Legal Update Lesson Summaries

2021 Lesson 01: Iowa Caselaw Update


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This is an online, Iowa-specific legal studies course. The lesson addresses recent court decisions providing guidance to Iowa law enforcement officers regarding the following questions:

  • What evidence must police have to convince a judge that a person consented to a search?

  • When a child calls 9-1-1 reporting domestic violence, can that report ever justify stopping a suspected perpetrator who has left the residence by vehicle? 

  • When may officers who have made valid vehicle stops and concluded their investigation of one crime continue to detain a motorist to investigate a second offense?

  • When may officers executing a search warrant at a residence detain occupants of a vehicle parked in front of the residence?

  • When is evidence too “stale” to establish probable cause for a search warrant?

  • When will a law enforcement officer who fires his weapon on an armed participant in an altercation not be entitled to qualified immunity in a civil suit alleging excessive force?

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