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Iowa Legal Update Lesson Summaries

2022 Lesson 7: Legislative Update


Release Date:


This lesson addresses amendments to the Iowa Code from teh 2022 legislative session, includign the following topics: 

  • Use of Driver’s License Photos.

  • Non-Consensual Termination of Pregnancy.

  • Hunting.

  • Procedure for Prosecutors with Brady-Giglio List.

  • Controlled Substances.

  • ATVs, off-road utility vehicles.

  • Limited exemption from traffic violations.

  • Penalties for Crimes Against “Older Individuals.”

  • Assisted Reproduction Fraud.

  • Certain Police Reports Made Confidential Records; Medical Authority to Detain

  • Individuals Expanded.

  • Limitation on Control of Fireworks Sales.

  • Sale of Stolen Catalytic Converters.

  • Seizure of Garbage for Criminal Investigations.

  • Modification of Sex Offender Registration.

  • Miscellaneous.

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