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Missouri 2022 Lesson Summaries

2022 Lesson 15: Caselaw Update



Release Date:

This is an online legal update course for Missouri police officers. The lesson addresses recent court decisions providing guidance to law enforcement officers regarding the following questions:

  • What facts and circumstances allow an officer to search or handcuff an individual during a Terry stop?

  • May police officers detain and question innocent bystanders who have witnessed a crime?

  • When asking a suspect to take a breath test, must an officer read the suspect the implied consent law before giving the suspect twenty minutes to contact an attorney?

  • If, while interviewing a suspect, the officer misrepresents the evidence, does this make a subsequent confession involuntary?

  • If officers do not, subjectively, intend to arrest a suspect for a traffic offense, but the suspect flees from the officers, can the suspect be convicted for resisting arrest?

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