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Missouri 2021 Lesson Summaries

2021 Lesson 9: Implicit Bias


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This is online interpersonal perspectives course for police regarding implicit bias.

Section one addresses how to recognize implicit bias; how culture, developmental history, and experience can lead to the emergence of implicit bias; how implicit (e.g., unconscious) bias has the potential to produce biased or unfair decisions and behavior; and studies demonstrating the effects of implicit bias.

Section two examines how implicit bias might affect the thoughts, decisions, and behaviors of law enforcement officers and witnesses. It explains how recognizing implicit bias can improve officer safety. It also provides examples of actual cases involving potential implicit bias.

Section three explains the concept of microaggressions and how micro-aggressive behavior may result from implicit bias. It provides examples of microaggressions and tips for changing micro-aggressive behavior.

Section four examines strategies for reducing implicit bias, including stereotype replacement, counter-stereotypic imaging, individuation, perspective taking, and increasing contact in a positive setting.

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