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Dispatch Pro Lesson Summaries

2020 Lesson 10: Caller Shot Daughter & Son Finds Dad & Stepmom Dead in Their Home


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This is a one-hour lesson in which the dispatcher will listen to two 9-1-1 calls.

In the first call, a mother reports to 9-1-1 that she just shot her infant daughter. The caller Is extremely distressed. The lesson addresses the need for the dispatcher to maintain her composure; methods for obtaining Information from a distressed caller; addressing the child's Injuries; and dispatcher mental health after handling such a challenging call.

In the second call, an adult son reports that he found his dad and stepmom dead in their home. The lesson addresses the need to determine the exact location of the victims; determining how a caller knows the victims are deceased; caller, responder, and scene safety; ascertaining if weapons are present; treating crime scenes with care to avoid destroying evidence; and controlling the interview.

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