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Dispatch Pro Lesson Summaries

2020 Lesson 2: Break-In & Three Dead People in Mudhole


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This is a one-hour lesson that anlayzes two calls. 

In Part I, the dispatcher will listen to a 9-1-1 call where a caller reports that “Somebody just broke into our door.”  During the break in, the suspect attempts to kick in the bedroom door and is shot by the resident.  The lesson addresses how to: ensure caller safety; obtain all relevant information; determine whether the suspect is armed; and secure pets at a scene. The call provides a good example of how jumping from topic to topic during an interview can have a negative impact on gathering information.  The lesson also emphasizes the significance of coordinating with LE when issuing directions to callers regarding where to secure a weapon and how to make initial contact with responders. Finally, the call analysis provides a reminder to make an effort to conduct every interview in an engaging, caring, and empathetic manner, regardless of what is being reported.

In Part II, the dispatcher will listen to a 9-1-1 call where a caller reports that he has found three missing men that appear deceased in their vehicle.  The lesson addresses: gathering precise location information in a remote setting; obtaining the victims' names and ages to run through missing persons databases; establishing how many victims are present;  and advising responders of difficult terrain. Lastly, the lesson examines caller safety and the need to advise the caller against placing himself in harm's way. The call provides a great example of how remaining patient and showing compassion to a distraught caller can have a positive impact on a difficult interview.

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