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Dispatch Pro Lesson Summaries

2021 Lesson 1: Caller Reports Intruders Breaking into Her Home


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This is a one-hour lesson in which the dispatcher will listen to a 9-1-1 call where a caller is reporting that two men have passed her fence line and are breaking into her house while she hides in a closet. Dispatchers will use a computer to read through the lesson and learn best practice in interrogating callers reporting such an incident. The lesson addresses caller safety and the importance of obtaining suspect location information throughout a call and relaying that information to the responders. It highlights the need to follow the established guideline when obtaining a suspect description to avoid missing important descriptors. It addresses the importance of providing instructions to the caller as officers arrive on scene and make entry into a home. Lastly, it provides an example of the importance of giving assurances early and often during an interview, especially when a caller is terrified and her safety is in jeopardy.

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