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Dispatch Pro Lesson Summaries

2021 Lesson 8: Caller Stabbed Boyfriend & Armed Home Invasion


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This one-hour training prepares 911 dispatchers to handle calls in which a person reports an attempted kidnapping and a roommate homicide. In the first section, a caller reports that she just stabbed and killed her boyfriend because he was cheating on her. This section addresses:

  • The importance of first obtaining the location information before moving on to other aspects of the emergency.

  • Obtaining the layout of a residence to aid responders.

  • Keeping emotions under control when a caller reports something shocking or offensive.

  • Determining how many weapons are present, their types/descriptions, and where they are located.

  • Obtaining clarification regarding a caller’s contradictory statements.

  • Phrasing questions in a non-accusatory manner when the caller is a suspect.

  • Preserving crime scene integrity.

  • Officer safety.

In the second section an elderly couple calls to report they are the victims of a home invasion robbery by escapees from a local prison. This section addresses:

  • Verify location information and asking for a callback number.

  • Identifying safe places for callers to wait for responders.

  • Obtaining suspect/vehicle descriptions.

  • Obtaining a suspect’s direction of travel.

  • Obtaining and relaying weapon information to law enforcement officers.

  • Asking questions to prompt a caller’s memory.

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