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Dispatch Pro Lesson Summaries

2022 Lesson 11: Suicide by Gunshot and Drug Deal Goes Bad


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This one-hour training helps prepare 9-1-1 dispatchers for suicides and drug deals involving shootings. In the first section, a woman reports that her husband—a law enforcement officer—just shot himself in the head. Section one addresses:

  • Determining the victim’s exact location.

  • Recognizing special considerations when the victim is a law enforcement officer.

  • Identifying potential signs of foul play.

  • Conveying empathy to distressed callers.

  • Protecting the integrity of a crime scene.

  • Avoiding gaps of silence.

In the second section, a caller reports participating in a drug deal that resulted in a shooting on a college campus. The lesson addresses:

  • Gathering information from callers who have committed crimes.

  • Determining if the participants have been drinking or using drugs.

  • Identifying exact locations on college campuses.

  • Following the location of a mobile caller.

  • Instructing a mobile caller on how to present himself to law enforcement.

  • Obtaining injury information for all parties.

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