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Dispatch Pro Lesson Summaries

2024 Dispatch Pro Lesson 7


Release Date:

This one-hour online training will walk the taker through each of the major components of call taking while breaking down and analyzing a real 9-1-1 call. The lesson will challenge the taker to think critically while providing tips and techniques to enhance their skillset. In addition, it will provide the background and resolution of the incident as well as articles and links to additional resources to expand the lesson taker’s knowledge base. This lesson consists of the following:

9-11 Call: Teen Found in the Woods

Key Points

  1. Following the standard questioning format.

  2. Obtaining complete location information.

  3. Gathering a firsthand account of the incident.

  4. Establishing a timeline of events.

  5. Addressing caller, officer, and scene safety concerns.

Learning Point Articles

  1. Waitress Saves Child Abuse Victim

  2. Child Abuse

  3. NG911 and Misrouted Calls

Medical Objective

  1. Diabetic Emergencies and Law Enforcement

  2. Traffic Stop of a Person Having a Diabetic Emergency

Psychology Snapshot and Dispatcher Mental Health

  1. Navigating Child Abuse as A Public Safety Professional – Dr. Stella Benami, PsyD

  2. Identifying Your Triggers – By Katy Burno JD, MBA, LMSW

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