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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is sexual assault awareness month. According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2016/2017 approximately one in four women in the United States have experienced an attempted or completed rape, as well as 4.5 million men. One in two women and one in four men have experienced some form of unwanted sexual contact. Only about 28% of victims of rape or sexual assault report the crime to police (Basile, K.C., Smith, S.G., Kresnow, M., Khatiwada S., & Leemis, R.W. (2022). <i>The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey: 2016/2017 Report on Sexual Violence</i>. Atlanta, GA: National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.). But growing recognition of the prevalence of sexual assaults in society through effor