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What’s in a Salutation?

A dispatcher’s salutation is the first impression a caller gets of the dispatcher and their agency.  A good salutation can help establish rapport, build trust, and encourage cooperation, which are essential for a successful interview.  In contrast, a poor salutation can have the opposite effect on a caller creating confusion, frustration, or reluctance to cooperate.  The most effective salutations are comprised of two parts: the introduction and the question. 


The Introduction

Dispatchers can assure a caller that they have reached the correct 9-1-1 center and begin building trust by introducing themselves and/or naming the agency reached.  It can also calm help calm some callers as knowing that they have reached a 9-1-1 center may have a soothing effect.


The Question

By asking for a very specific piece of information – the address of the emergency – the dispatcher is accomplishing three things.

  1. Attempting to gather the most critical piece of information.

  2. Establishing control of the interview. 

  3. Demonstrating their intention to help the caller.


Dispatch Pro training teaches dispatchers how to use an appropriate salutation to greet every 9-1-1 caller.  Because our online lessons are taken monthly, dispatchers receive the repetition and reinforcement needed to ensure they remain alert and engaged, so they can operate at an elevated level.  For more information about our training please click on “Contact Us” and request your free trial. 

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