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Why Your Correctional Facility Needs Jail Pro

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

When we developed Jail Pro, we wanted to address the needs specific to jails and other correctional facilities. And while many training options exist, our training targets reducing lawsuits and refining skillsets.

Jail Pro Helps Reduce Lawsuits Against Jailers, Jail Supervisors, and Correctional Officers

In the realm of law enforcement, civil lawsuits are a constant possibility, depleting agencies of their valuable resources of time, money, and reputation.

Inmates may sue for a variety of reasons, from officer use of excessive force to failing to provide non-pork meals to Muslims to unsanitary conditions. Not only can lawsuits harm your facility’s reputation, but defending lawsuits and settling them can cost millions and deteriorate morale. Not only can lawsuits harm your facility’s reputation, but defending lawsuits and settling them can cost millions and deteriorate morale.

So, how do correctional facilities avoid lawsuits?

The short answer: you must ensure that current policies, procedures, and practices are not liabilities. That requires your officers to understand the law and how to apply it. Paying attention to current legislation and caselaw ensures that policies and procedures align with legal requirements,

However, keeping up with every court decision and new law can be a hassle. When you choose Jail Pro, we do the heavy lifting. We find updates relevant to correctional facility employees and create targeted monthly lessons to keep your staff informed.

Our lessons provide interactive summaries of recent court cases involving inmates suing jailers, jail supervisors, and correctional officers. This training provides the important information your facility needs to make changes and adjustments that will help prevent costly lawsuits.

It’s no secret that working in jails and prisons is stressful and leads to high rates of burnout.

According to Berkeley’s California Correctional Officer Survey, 17% of correctional officers report they have been seriously injured on the job and 48% have feared they would be injured. Along with handling violent inmates, jailers and correctional officers routinely navigate changing policies, somber environments, and unpredictable situations.

In these conditions, jailers and correctional officers can easily get stuck in their routine and lose confidence in handling difficult or new scenarios. Our reality-based training not only exposes your staff to new situations, but it encourages them to consider how to best handle new situations before they occur in your facility.

Our lessons ask relevant questions, like:

“Under what conditions may jail officials open and inspect an inmate’s legal mail?”

“When can a jailer legally restrain an inmate in a restraint chair?”

“What accommodations must be made for handicapped inmates?”

For more information about Jail Pro and to see our list of lesson summaries, visit our Jail Pro Overview page. Have questions? We’d be happy to discuss how our training could work for your organization.

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