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“PLS is so far the easiest [training program] to navigate, and so far the most beneficial. As a matter of fact, I was on a call last week . . . and the caller state[d] "oh he almost hit a guy walking."  I just took that PLS course a month or so ago-- it stood the hair on my neck up-- made me think of the outcome of that call and caused my inflection to change as I directed our officers. . . . Keep up the good work. . . .”

Bob in Connecticut

"Thank you so much! This particular training has been so relevant. One of our new folks took an awful suicide call just recently and she used so many of the tools that this training provided!! Thank you again!"

Nancy in Florida


"The CTOs love this program. They now ask for the trainees to have immediate access, because they believe that PLS is hugely beneficial. Thank you for all you do for us!"

Tami in Idaho

“I personally fell in love with your program from the first training quiz I took. I felt it was the best continuing education program out there and did not let up talking about it until I was able to get my whole county using it. Not only is it great for Telecommunicators, but with all the great information contained in each quiz I was able to write a standard operating procedure for found bombs. I have never received so much positive feedback from our employees on any other program we have implemented over the years. You have the best program out there!  Thanks.”

Sue in Florida

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