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PLS's online, reality-based training enhances the capacity of law enforcement officers, dispatchers, and jailers to make good decisions. A good decision is one that: achieves a positive outcome; applies current law and common sense; protects decision-makers and those they protect; and reduces civil liability.

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“I personally fell in love with your program from the first training quiz I took. I felt it was the best continuing education program out there and did not let up talking about it until I was able to get my whole county using it.”  

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Many companies offer online training, but only PLS provides online reality-based training using actual court cases and 9-1-1 emergency calls. Our training improves confident decision-making skills for all lesson takers by:

  • helping officers to decide whether they should seize a suspect, conduct a warrantless search, or give a Miranda warning using scenarios from actual court cases. 

  • showing officers--based on the outcome of actual court cases--if their actions will result in evidence being admissible or inadmissible. 

  • improving dispatcher situational-awareness skills through the examination of actual 9-1-1 emergency calls and their outcomes. 

  • demonstrating for dispatchers, using actual 9-1-1 calls, what kind of questions result in callers giving desired information and which do not. 

  • examining for jailers and correctional officers whether their conduct will violate the constitutional rights of an inmate. 

  • showing police officers, dispatchers, and jailers the potential legal and financial consequences of their actions.


PLS online continuing education training for police officers, 9-1-1 dispatchers, and correctional officers: 

  • Is available 24/7.

  • Is user-friendly and easy to administer.

  • Satisfies some state-specific continuing education requirements. 

  • Helps satisfy some CALEA training standards. 

  • Helps reduce staffing shortages and overtime expenses.

  • Provides detailed training records for trouble-free management.

  • Challenges and reinvigorates experienced dispatchers, officers, and jailers. 

  • Is used by many managers as the basis of an ongoing training and quality control program.