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PLS online reality-based training examines actual 9-1-1 calls. ​ Examples of calls used in past lessons include: 

  • Home invasion robbery.  

  • Person shot in face.  

  • Home invasion by prison escapees.  

  • Domestic with gun involved.  

  • Caller finds man on drugs in his home.  

  • Caller reports mom is in car, passed out.  

  • Kidnapped girl escapes, then enters bus.  

  • Caller reporting homicide.  

  • Caller just stabbed boyfriend.  

  • Man in preschool parking lot removes gun from his car.  

  • Domestic resulting in officer-involved shooting.  

  • Completed suicide.  

  • Doctor shoots man who was assaulting him.  

  • Active shooter in mall.  

  • Man reports police are chasing him.  

  • 19-year-old disabled female missing from her home.  

  • Drive-by-shooting involving baby in car.  

  • Female homeowner shoots intruder.  

  • Drug deal shooting on university campus.  

  • Caller reports witnessing murder he actually committed.  

  • Human trafficking victim calls 9-1-1.  

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