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PLS Jail Pro online reality-based training is designed to strengthen the ability of jailers, jail supervisors,
and correctional officers to make effective decisions. This continuing education program uses the most
recent and relevant federal court decisions to address the liability issues raised by jail inmates in lawsuits against jail officials (jailers, correctional officers, sheriffs, administrators, and others).


Examining court cases allows correctional officers to immerse themselves in the same situation as their peers to see exactly what decisions led to lawsuits and legal liability.



Jail Pro also includes lessons on other important topics such as: bloodborne pathogens, the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), sexual harassment, mental health, and other issues.


PLS Online Jail Pro Lessons are Designed to:

  • Reduce the number of civil lawsuits brought by inmates and the size of settlements against jailers, jail supervisors, correctional officers, and counties.

  • Reduce turnover by improving confident and effective decision making.  

  • Reinforce correctional officer, jailer, and jail supervisor classroom training and supplement agency specific practices.

  • Help jailers, jail supervisors, and correctional officers develop a sufficient understanding of the most current and relevant court rulings about jail operations so they can align their future conduct to conform with those decisions.

  • Strengthen jailer and correctional officer critical thinking skills by generating dialogue, debate, and discussion with their peers and supervisors about how they would have handled specific aspects of a case analyzed in a PLS lesson. 

  • Demonstrate which specific actions, policies, and practices at a jail create the most liability exposure and how to bring those practices into compliance with the law.

  • Build respect and understanding for the law.


PLS Jail Pro online training examines actual court cases where jailers, jail supervisors, and correctional officers were sued for:

  • Opening “Legal” Mail

  • Failing to Prevent a Suicide

  • Pepper Spraying an Inmate

  • Tasing an Inmate

  • Failing to Provide Non-Pork Meals

  • Subjecting Inmates to Unsanitary Conditions

  • Failing to Provide Inmates with Necessities to Live

  • Not Complying with the ADA and the Needs of Wheelchair-Bound Inmate

  • Failing to Address an Inmate’s Acute Medical Needs

  • Subjecting an Inmate to Public Humiliation

  • Excessive Use of Force

  • Not Providing an Inmate Pain Relief

  • Improper/Unconstitutional Strip Searches

  • Inmate Starvation

  • Assaults by Cellmates

  • Jailer Assaulting an Inmate

  • Opening Non-Legal mail

  • Jail Conditions That Cause Sleep Deprivation

  • Mishandling Work Release

  • Failing to Address an Inmate’s Medical needs

  • Invading an Inmate's Privacy


To see summaries of recent lessons, click "Lesson Summaries."

To see an actual lesson, click "Request Free Trial." 



These lessons examine the legal and financial consequences of decisions made by jail officials (sheriffs, administrators, supervisors, jailers, correctional officers, and contract staff/medical personnel). Lessons are based on actual lawsuits brought by county jail inmates.


These lessons provide technical and interpersonal skills training for jailers, jail supervisors, and correctional officers on topics such as: 

  • Arrest & Detention of Foreign Nationals

  • Bloodborne Pathogens 

  • Ethics 

  • Implicit Bias 

  • Confinement Sexual Abuse/Prison Rape Elimination Act - Part 1

  • Confinement Sexual Abuse/Prison Rape Elimination Act - Part 2

  • Mental Illness

  • Sexual Harassment


12-Hour Lesson Package

Schedule: 12 one-hour lessons, released one per month. 

Content: Includes legal, technical, and interpersonal skills lessons. 

6-Hour Lesson Package

Schedule: 6 one-hour lessons, released one every other month. 

Content: Includes legal, technical, and interpersonal skills lessons. 


Police Legal Sciences, Inc. is a recognized educational partner of the American Jail Association (AJA). AJA Members receive a 5% discount on any Initial Subscription to a PLS Jail Pro 12-Hour Package.


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