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Missouri 2023 Lesson Summaries

2023 Lesson 1: Sexual Assault Investigations


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This technical studies course addresses Sexual Assault Investigations. Section One examines how common sexual assaults are in the United States. Section Two examines the dynamics of sexual assault cases. It addresses myths about sexual assault, harms caused by sexual assault, and how sexual assault often differs from other crimes. Section Three examines the impact of the trauma of a sexual assault on the victim. It explains how the brain responds to threats, the “freezing” response, dissociation, and trauma’s effect on attention and memory. Section Four examines important guidelines for interviewing victims of sexual assault. It addresses: 1) the victim’s immediate priorities; 2) rapport building; 3) support persons; 4) recognizing trauma; 5) polygraphs; 6) providing information on medical treatment and forensic examinations; 7) not pressuring victims; and 8) interview questions. Section Five examines the elements of sexual offenses under Missouri law.

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