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Missouri 2023 Lesson Summaries

2023 Lesson 6: Caselaw Update


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This is an online legal studies course. The lesson addresses recent court decisions providing guidance to law enforcement officers regarding: circumstances that give rise to an officer’s duty to intervene to prevent an excessive use of force by other officers, whether the duty to intervene applies to prevent violations of other constitutional rights, the nature and scope of inventory searches, statutory requirements for an officer to have a vehicle towed, circumstances that allow an officer to seize a suspect’s cell phone without a warrant, whether a warrant is required to search the contents of a lawfully seized cell phone, whether those on parole have the same rights and liberties as those not on parole, the level of proof needed to establish that a parolee resides at the home of a third party before officers may conduct searches of that third party’s home without a warrant and without probable cause, the effects of the federal district court decision that declares the entire Second Amendment Preservation Act unconstitutional, whether officers may be sued under 42 United States Code section 1983 for violating police department policy, and sex offender registration requirements.

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