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Missouri 2024 Lesson Summaries

2024 Lesson 21: Harassment


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This is an online interpersonal perspectives course regarding work-related harassment. This course reviews new guidance from the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on harassment. Section one addresses the types of work-related harassment prohibited by federal law, including harassment based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, and genetic information. Section two addresses how to determine if harassment is based on a protected characteristic. Section three addresses evaluating whether the harassment affects a “term, condition, or privilege” or employment. It helps both employers and employees understand what types of behaviors create a hostile work environment that will violate federal equal employment opportunity laws. Section four addresses when employers will be liable for work-related harassment. It explains that an employer’s liability will depend, in part, on the harasser’s role in the organization. Section five addresses what actions will constitute prohibited retaliation. Section six addresses what employees can do about work-related harassment, including notifying their employer and filing a complaint with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights.

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