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Missouri 2024 Lesson Summaries

2024 Lesson 7: Elder Financial Exploitation Part 2


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This is part 2 of a two-part lesson that teaches law enforcement officers skills needed to combat the crime of elder financial exploitation. This lesson identifies state laws that provide enhanced punishments for elder financial exploitation and identifies the types of evidence officers would need to gather to prove these crimes. It explains the laws regarding mandatory reporters, explains why financial institutions may hesitate to report suspected financial exploitation to police, and suggests ways police officers can encourage financial institutions to protect their elderly customers. It summarizes federal and state law on Adult Protective Services, including their duties and ability to investigate reports of elder abuse and to help the elderly in general. The lesson describes strategies for effective interviews of elderly victims, including planning for the initial interview by considering location, timing, and presence of a victim’s advocate and representative from the Department of Health and Senior Services; and strategies for conducting the interview, including adjusting the interview to the victim’s particular strengths and weaknesses, minimizing distractions, ensuring access to assistive devices, using the T.A.L.K. method, formatting questions for reliable responses, and concluding the interview. The lesson also identifies best practices in combating elder financial exploitation, including acting quickly, obtaining financial documents, being careful not to misidentify the case as solely a civil matter, understanding when it is important to obtain a neuropsychological assessment of the victim, forming and using multidisciplinary teams, contacting federal law enforcement agencies, and conducting community outreach to educate others about signs of elder financial exploitation and prevention tips.

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