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Missouri 2019-2020 Lesson Summaries

2019 Lesson 13: Legislative Update


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This is an online, Missouri-specific legal studies course. The lesson addresses revisions to the Missouri Revised Statutes enacted during the 2019 legislative session. Section one examines amendments to criminalize the provision of abortions. 

Section two examines amendments relating to judicial proceedings, including amendments regarding the payment of fines, minimum sentences, prosecution diversion programs, and treatment courts. 

Section three examines amendments relating to victims. 

Section four examines amendments creating criminal offenses involving critical infrastructure facilities. 

Section five examines amendments relating to protecting children, including amendments regarding criminal penalties for childcare licensing violations, the Amber Alert system, sex trafficking of minors, criminal street gang activity, and promoting prostitution. 

Section six examines amendments relating to accidents in work or emergency zones and related license revocation proceedings. 

Section seven examines amendments regarding license plates. 

Section eight examines amendments relating to industrial hemp. 

Section nine examines miscellaneous amendments. 

Section ten provides a case law update regarding whether a person in custody can ever give voluntary consent to a search.

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