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Iowa Legal Update Lesson Summaries

2022 Lesson 10: Caselaw Update


Release Date:


This lesson provides guidance to Iowa law enforcement officers on the following topics:

  • Is an out-of-state medical marijuana registry identification card a valid prescription or order that constitutes a defense to a possession of marijuana charge in Iowa?

  • What factors show consent to a search, and does the Iowa Constitution protect a right to be advised of a right to refuse a search?

  • Will briefly crossing the fog line on a roadway provide reasonable suspicion to justify a vehicle stop for operating while intoxicated?

  • May an officer stop the operator of a utility vehicle (UTV) without first having reasonable suspicion of criminal activity or probable cause of a traffic violation?

  • When does the possibility of an imminent destruction of evidence justify an officer’s warrantless entry and search of a suspect’s home?

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