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Iowa Legal Update Lesson Summaries

2023 Lesson 4: Caselaw Update


Release Date:


This lesson provides guidance for law enforcement officers on the following topics:

  • When is a person in custody so that they must be given the Miranda warnings, and when is a Miranda waiver rendered involuntary?

  • Does a warrant authorizing a blood draw for alcohol also permit testing the blood for other drugs?

  • When does a dog sniff impermissibly prolong a traffic stop? And, what shows that a dog sniff is reliable?

  • When does an officer have a duty to intervene to prevent another officer from using excessive force?

  • If a car owner consents to the installation of a tracking device and then lets a suspect borrow the car, do law enforcement officers violate the suspect’s Fourth Amendment rights by tracking the suspect’s location while the suspect drives the car on public roads?

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