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Missouri 2021 Lesson Summaries

2021 Lesson 10: Legal Update


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This is an online legal studies course for Missouri police. The lesson addresses recent court decisions providing guidance to law enforcement officers regarding: whether a community caretaking exception to the warrant requirement ever permits police officers to make warrantless searches and seizures inside the home; when officers may enter a home to check an occupant’s well-being; whether officers who reasonably rely on erroneous computer records to make a vehicle stop violate the occupant’s Fourth Amendment rights; whether qualified immunity protects an officer who throws tear gas at reporters stationed near the scene of unlawful protests; retaliatory arrest; when exigent circumstances justify a warrantless search of a suspect’s genitalia; and whether an officer is entitled to qualified immunity if the officer responds to a dispatch while transporting a shackled, unbuckled prisoner, and, due to circumstances that arise while responding to the dispatch, the prisoner is injured.

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