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Missouri 2021 Lesson Summaries

2021 Lesson 12: Legislative Update


Release Date


This is an online legislative update course for Missouri law enforcement officers. The lesson addresses 2021 amendments to the Missouri Revised Statutes. Section one examines amendments regarding enforcing firearms laws.

Section two examines amendments regarding peace officers, including amendments regarding: creating a new program to provide services to peace officers who have been called to respond to traumatic incidents; a new prohibition on law enforcement officers’ use of chokeholds; a database to keep a record of incidents when officers use certain types of force on suspects; POST background checks; posting personally identifiable information of law enforcement officers on the internet; sexual conduct in the course of public duty; placing any surveillance cameras or game cameras on private property; rights of law enforcement officers who are subjected to an administrative investigation; and other matters.

Section three examines amendments regarding transportation, including: electric bicycles; human trafficking convictions; interference with an ambulance service; personal delivery devices; and other matters.

Section four examines amendments regarding vulnerable persons, including: the places where sex offenders may not knowingly loiter or be present; orders of protection due to pet abuse; severe cases of domestic abuse and extended orders of protection; protection of children at unlicensed schools; and other matters.

Section five examines amendments regarding controlled substances, including: a prescription drug monitoring program; extended weekend hours for bars; retailer packaged alcohol; and other matters.

Section six examines miscellaneous amendments to the Missouri Revised Statutes, including amendments regarding: institutional vandalism; exposing others to infectious diseases; interference with a health care facility; catalytic converters; release of feral swine; lottery winners; and other matters.

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