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Dispatch Pro Lesson Summaries

2022 Lesson 5: Mental Health Emergency & Assault with Stab Wounds


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This one-hour training helps prepare 9-1-1 dispatchers for calls involving mental health emergencies and assaults with stab wounds. In the first section, a caller reports that a police car is chasing him. The lesson addresses:

  • Identifying clues that a caller is experiencing a mental health emergency.

  • Building rapport with a caller experiencing a mental health emergency.

  • Observing changes in a caller’s tone and behavior.

  • Determining what medications or substances a caller might be taking.

In the second section, a caller reports finding a woman shot and stabbed in their home. The lesson addresses:

  • Officer, caller, and scene safety.

  • Preserving a crime scene.

  • Determining when to speak with others on scene.

  • Identifying all people who are present.

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