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Dispatch Pro Lesson Summaries

2022 Lesson 6: Homeowner Shoots Intruder and Abduction from Residence


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This one-hour training helps prepare 9-1-1 dispatchers for calls involving homeowners shooting intruders and home abductions. In the first section, a caller reports that people are trying to break into her home and that she is armed. The lesson addresses:

  • Obtaining a detailed floorplan for the house.

  • Caller safety.

  • Identifying updated suspect and caller location information.

  • Using technology available to the caller, such as video surveillance, to obtain more detailed information.

In the second section, two callers report that a 19-year-old family member who is non-verbal and wheelchair bound has been abducted from their home. The lesson addresses:

  • Determining how much time has passed since a person has gone missing.

  • Speaking with child callers.

  • Conveying empathy to callers.

  • Obtaining identifying information about missing persons.

  • Gathering information about potential suspects.

  • Utilizing calming techniques.

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