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Dispatch Pro Online Training

Reality-Based Training for Dispatchers Nationwide

Police Legal Sciences has been a trusted provider of public safety training since the 90’s. PLS online reality-based training enhances the capacity of law enforcement officers, dispatchers, and correctional officers to make good decisions.

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Dispatch Pro is an online reality-based dispatcher training the prepares dispatchers to effectively manage emergencies. Lessons analyze real 911 calls that were handled by your peers. PLS training exposes your team to a variety of different emergencies, builds critical thinking skills and mental acuity, and educates dispatchers on active listening skills, call-handling techniques, and risk mitigation. 911 dispatch centers in 45+ states use PLS training to ensure their team is equipped to handle any emergency. PLS creates and releases new lessons every month to keep training fresh and engaging. Dispatch Pro qualifies for continuing education credit in most states and is approved for EMD recertification credit with APCO and IAED.


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Check out our virtual flyer, 2023 & 2024 lesson schedules, and instructor bios below.

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