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With a focus on helping public safety professionals make effective and ethical decisions, Police Legal Sciences, Inc. (PLS) has been a trusted partner for public safety agencies and individuals for 25+ years. PLS online reality-based training takes a unique approach by using real court cases, lawsuits, and 911 calls as the foundation for our lessons.  PLS training subscriptions give you access to new lessons every month, with topics tailored to the unique needs and struggles of law enforcement, 911 dispatchers, and correctional officers nationwide.


PLS was founded in 1999 with the vision to provide state-specific legal update training to law enforcement officers in Missouri and later in Iowa. PLS Legal Update is the only state-specific continuing education training resource available to officers in Iowa and Missouri examining real court cases and lawsuits. PLS Legal Update satisfies continuing education requirements with the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) and Missouri POST.

In 2008, PLS released Dispatch Pro, dispatcher training focused on analyzing and evaluating real 911 calls. Dispatch Pro satisfies most states’ dispatcher and EMD continuing education requirements and qualifies for EMD recertification credit with APCO and IAED. Dispatch Pro lessons also highlight perspectives on psychology, mental health, and legal training.

PLS launched Jail Pro, its corrections caselaw training, in 2020. Jail Pro examines real court cases and lawsuits to limit legal exposure at correctional facilities nationwide. Jail Pro satisfies many states’ in-service training requirements. PLS is a recognized educational partner of the American Jail Association.


PLS is dedicated to helping public safety professionals make good decisions. Current and quality training is the best tool to stay abreast of new laws, emerging trends, technologies, and best practices. PLS seeks to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to make good decisions, excel in their roles, serve their communities, and advance in their careers.


Is it ethical?

Is it effective?

Does it follow the applicable statutory and case law of jurisdiction?

Does it promote respect for the law and public safety professionals?

These are the questions that guide PLS’s training endeavors. We value integrity, professionalism, and accountability and these values guide all aspects of our operations. We aim to foster a culture of excellence in the public safety community to inspire law enforcement officers, 911 dispatchers, and correctional officers to uphold the highest standard of conduct in their work.

PLS Team

Compromised of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in law, public safety, and training, the PLS Team is committed to driving PLS forward and ensuring its continued trust as a leader in the field of public safety training.

Jerry Partridge, JD – Founder

Kelly Terrill, JD – Vice President & General Manager

Patrick Logan, JD – Director of Jail Pro & Iowa Legal Update

Linda Lemke, JD – Director of Missouri Legal Update

Kristen Pattie, ENP, CTO – Director of Dispatch Pro

PLS works with many additional attorneys, dispatchers, dispatch supervisors, law enforcement officers, correctional officers, mental health professionals and others who co-author or contribute to PLS lessons.

Future Goals

PLS is committed to providing excellent and timely reality-based training for law enforcement officers, dispatchers, and correctional officers nationwide. By developing new training programs, leveraging emerging technologies, and forging partnerships with industry leaders, PLS seeks to remain at the forefront of professional development in the public safety community, empowering individuals as they strive to serve their communities.

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