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Reality-Based EMD Recertification Training

Updated: May 1

Although the exact process and timeline varies between certifying bodies, most EMD-certified dispatchers are required to complete 24 hours of continuing dispatcher education (CDE) during every two-year recertification period.

There are many reasons for this continuing education requirement. Regular training is important as it helps dispatchers stay up to date on protocols and guidelines, adapt to changes in technology, ensure consistency and quality of service, and enhance confidence and competence in their ability to provide life-saving assistance during medical emergencies.

When considering options for EMD recertification training, reality-based dispatcher training offers a few advantages. Reality-based training engages dispatchers in real-life 911 calls that they are likely to experience on the job. This approach builds decision-making skills by learning from the successes and mistakes of others. It also stimulates mental acuity and mental preparedness to react calmly and effectively. Finally, it’s the most realistic way to train dispatchers in a controlled and analytical environment for the calls they could receive at any time.

Dispatch Pro from PLS is an online CDE program for dispatchers nationwide that focuses on reality-based training. Each one-hour lesson analyzes a real 911 call, and many lessons provide training on medical incidents. Here are a few medical objectives we’ve explored recently:

  • How to Provide Care to a Stabbing Victim

  • The Dangers of Removing a Tourniquet

  • How to Treat a Gunshot Wound Until Help Arrives

  • Stop the Bleed

  • How to Make an Improvised Tourniquet

Dispatch Pro training qualifies for EMD recertification with both APCO and IAED. Dispatch Pro also satisfies many states' CDE and EMD recertification requirements. To find out if Dispatch Pro satisfies your requirements or to learn more about PLS training, please click here.

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