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The Benefits of Online Dispatcher Training

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

When members of the public think of emergency situations, they may think of firefighters running into a burning home, ambulances speeding through city streets, or the distinctive red and blue flash of police lights. The term “emergency” encompasses a lot. However, what all of these scenarios have in common are the dispatchers behind the scenes who answer the call.

The dispatcher's job is unpredictable. No two calls are identical. Most calls are straightforward—quickly gathering information and sending the appropriate first responders. Others are complex, messy, unclear, hard-to-hear, and require the dispatcher to listen and make quick decisions that could potentially save lives.

We developed Dispatch Pro to prepare dispatchers for high-risk, low-frequency scenarios. Here’s why you should consider our online training for yourself and your staff:

Real Emergency Scenarios

We post lessons each month that analyze real calls and real emergencies. From hysterical callers to devastating events, our goal is to prepare dispatchers to ask the right questions during high-pressure situations. Our lessons help dispatchers test their responses and preparedness before the crucial phone call. Lessons include actual recordings of the initial 9-1-1 call so trainees can discuss what was successful in the call, problematic issues, and what they might do differently.

Accessible Training Anywhere, Anytime

Sitting through daylong cram sessions on dispatcher training can make you feel burnt out, and less likely to retain all of the important information being discussed. That's why we developed dispatcher online training that allows trainees to complete their training in manageable chunks. Our platform saves your progress so you can come back to lessons when it is convenient for you. You also have the flexibility to complete lessons from any location, eliminating the need to organize a training meeting that fits within all your employees' schedules.

Sharpening Skillsets

From verbal communication to effective decision-making, successful dispatchers need an extensive skillset. Not all skills are utilized on a daily basis. Our training develops and refines necessary dispatching skills. For example, dispatchers may not routinely have to calm hysterical callers, assist child callers with and injured parent, or communicate with a silent caller hiding from an intruder. Our lessons analyze scenarios in which dispatcher handle these complex tasks, helping you to practice and prepare.

Interested in learning more about Dispatch Pro? Visit our overview page and reach out to learn more!

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