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AJA Partnership Announcement

Police Legal Sciences (PLS) is excited to announce our new partnership with the American Jail Association (AJA). This alliance aims to enhance the professional development and effectiveness of correctional officers by providing greater access to difficult-to-obtain legal education.

In 2020, PLS released Jail Pro, our online reality-based corrections caselaw training to provide regular legal updates and liability training to correctional officers nationwide. This training prepares officers to make decisions that are consistent with the law and best practices and that protect themselves and the institutions they serve from legal liability.  Jail Pro training topics include common in-service training requirements including Use of Force and PREA, but also explore other issues such as Transgender Inmates, Secondhand Smoke, Religious Rights, Jail Punishments, Mistaken Detention, Retaliation, Legal Mail, and much more.

The AJA is dedicated to supporting jails nationwide, focusing on issues specific to the operations of local correctional facilities. The mission of the AJA is to “lead, educate, and support American jail professionals to enhance public safety.”

PLS and the AJA are aligned in striving to provide the best training in the industry and to making that training accessible to AJA members. Accordingly, AJA members that purchase an initial subscription of a PLS Jail Pro 12-Hour Package will receive a 5% discount.

PLS will be exhibiting at the 43rd American Jail Association Conference & Jail Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida May 18 – 22, 2024. Patrick Logan, JD, the PLS Director of Jail Pro and Iowa Legal Update will be presenting in an iConnect Live session on Sunday, May 19th. Make sure you stop by to hear more about how PLS’s corrections caselaw training can enhance your agency’s effectiveness and compliance with the law.

For more information about Jail Pro training or PLS, or to request a free trial, please click here.

For more information about the AJA, please click here.

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