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Telecommunicator Week

Telecommunicator Week is a fantastic opportunity for agencies to recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of their telecommunicators.  Many agencies have implemented some great events and activities to celebrate their teams.  Here are some ideas that may help you show your appreciation:


  1. Appreciation Day: Dedicate a specific day during Telecommunicator Week to express gratitude and recognition for the hard work and dedication of your telecommunicators.

  2. Thank-You Cards: Provide materials for staff to write personalized thank-you cards to their colleagues, expressing appreciation for their support and teamwork.

  3. Catered Lunch: Arrange for a catered lunch or dinner as a special treat for your telecommunicators, giving them a break from their usual routine and an opportunity to socialize and bond as a team. 

  4. Tokens of Appreciation: Present small gifts or tokens of appreciation, such as customized keychains, coffee mugs, or stress balls, to show gratitude for their service.

  5. Special Awards: Create awards to recognize outstanding performance among your telecommunications. Categories could include best customer service, most innovative solution, or most improved performance.

  6. Team-Building Activities: Plan team-building activities to strengthen bonds and improve collaboration within the team. Consider activities like escape rooms, scavenger hunts, or outdoor adventures.

  7. Wellness Initiatives: Promote wellness with activities like yoga sessions, meditation workshops, or providing healthy snacks and drinks to support the health and well-being of your telecommunicators.

  8. Community Engagement: Encourage telecommunicators to get involved in community service projects during Telecommunicator Week, such as volunteering at local charities or organizing donation drives.

  9. Fun Activities: Incorporate fun into Telecommunicator Week with activities like trivia contests, themed dress-up days, or team outings to local attractions. Creating a fun and engaging environment helps alleviate stress and promotes a positive work culture within the team.

While you are making plans for Telecommunicator Week, DON’T FORGET YOUR GRAVEYARD SHIFT!  If you have an event during the day, be sure to plan a similar appreciation experience at night so the graveyard telecommunicators don’t feel left out.  Picking through the leftovers from a catered meal doesn’t make someone feel appreciated; and despite best intentions, it is a common experience for many telecommunicators who work the night shift.

On a final note, PLS would like to express our appreciation to the amazing unsung heroes of public safety.  Emergency telecommunicators provide calm voices during crises and offer critical support and guidance when it is needed most. They handle high-stress situations with composure, empathy, and efficiency – even when it’s difficult to do so.  At PLS we are honored to provide continuing education training to help support these amazing people.

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